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Before starting using our SDK, you need first to install Fuel wallet browser extension. Since we're already in an alpha version, it isn't possible to download directly from Chrome Extensions Store, so you need to download FuelWallet zip file LinkSimple and import directly on your extensions management page, on Chrome or Brave. You can also watch the video bellow to have some instructions on how to install.

Installing Extension

  • Inside Chrome or Brave.
  • Open the extensions page; it can be done by:
    • Clicking on settings -> extensions or;
    • Accessing brave://extensions/ or chrome://extensions/.
  • Enable the "Developer mode" switch on the top left
  • Load by:
    • Dragging your downloaded Fuel wallet file and dropping it in the extensions page or;
    • Clicking on Load unpacked and select the file.
  • If all goes right, an onboarding page will instantly open.

The Fuel Wallet extension is now ready to use.

Wallet SDK

After installing our browser extension, the wallet SDK will be injected automatically on the window object on the property fuel. To access it, you can use window.fuel.

You can see the SDK working in the next page.