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Supported dependencies

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Using local dependencies in wallet project

This will link dependencies within wallet monorepo to your global pnpm store, enabling you to use @fuel-ui and/or @fuel-ts packages via links in your local projects. This task may be tedious, but you can accomplish it by following these steps:

  1. In the root directory of the repositories(@fuel-ui and/or @fuel-ts):
  • Link dependency to global pnpm store:
1pnpm -r exec pnpm link --global --dir ./
  • Execute your build and make sure changes will reflect in wallet:
1pnpm build:packages
  1. Inside fuels-wallet root directory, edit scripts/
  • If you're enabling link to @fuel-ui, enable this configuration:
  • If you're enabling link to @fuel-ts, enable this configuration:
  1. That's it. Now inside fuels-wallet root directory, run your dev command as you wish:
1pnpm dev
2pnpm dev:deps
3pnpm dev:crx


This command will:

  • Link dependency repos across all wallet monorepo packages, including the root
  • Run dev server with linked dependencies

Done! Now your changes in @fuel-ui and/or @fuel-ts will reflect in wallet project. Test with a simple console.log to make sure it worked.


If you're linking for the first time, you might need:

1  pnpm setup

If it still have problems, you might need to setup again (As pnpm releases new version, the global folder structure may change)

1  pnpm setup